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Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Beauty, Trends |

How to Choose a Design for an Engagement Ring

How to Choose a Design for an Engagement Ring

engagement-ring-gif-tumblr-2If you truly want to commit the rest of your life to your partner, then you will have to show your intent by popping the question. Being the romantic person that you are, you should consider throwing a surprise event where you will be asking your partner to marry you. You can make the event memorable by surprising your partner with a date for two or you can ask your friends and family members to participate.

Of course, popping the question will not be complete without the engagement ring. You can choose an engagement ring that is already designed at the jewelry store or you can have one customized specifically for this particular event. It is up to you to decide how you will want the ring you will give to your partner.

tumblr_mdvghnbV571rnkug2Now if you want to get the engagement ring, you might have to prepare yourself for the hassle and mind-blowing experience you will have. Searching for an engagement ring can be very tedious, as what you can read in reviews posted in websites such as You will have to consider lots of factors to selecting the ring.

The most important factor that you will have to consider when making this purchase is the design. The ring should have a design that the partner will like. Here are the best tips to ensure that you get the ring with the right design.

wedding-rings-tumblr-wnvv5osfFirst of all, you have to choose what shape should the diamond stone be. You can choose to have a round cut diamond or a princess cut one as these are the commonly selected cuts for engagement rings. Other cuts to choose from would be the emerald, pear, oval, radiant, marquis, heart, cushion, or asscher cut.

The metal where the diamond stone will be mounted on should be selected as well. Yellow gold is the most popular since it is the traditional option to have. Other people want to choose between white gold or platinum though. Just remember that white gold will fade over time and will require replacement while platinum is more expensive than the other metal options.

104854-Diamond-RingThe setting is the next element to consider for the design of the ring. Setting, according to websites such as, is the way the diamond stone sits on the band. The most popular choice is the prong. For the other options that one can choose from, there is the cluster, invisible, channel, flush, bezel, tension, and bar.

You will have to choose whether you will pick a solitaire setting or a three-stone setting. The traditional setting most couples choose is solitaire where only a single diamond stone is mounted on the band. Some other settings will have little diamonds running all throughout the band. Just remember that the more diamonds there are on the ring, the more expensive it will be.

If possible, consider other alternative to the diamond stone. You can actually choose a sapphire, ruby, or emerald gemstone instead of a diamond. Just limit your choices to these three though. Do not choose any other gemstone as an alternative to diamond aside from these three.