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Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Fashion |

Common Mistakes with Bridal Headpieces You Should Avoid

Common Mistakes with Bridal Headpieces You Should Avoid

A bridal headpiece is not something most women wear everyday, and this is why many future brides make mistakes that they are not aware of. Before you order a vintage bridal headpiece or a tiara with, it is important that you are aware of these mistakes so that you don’t commit them yourself.


We always have trends and it is easy for most brides to fall head over heels with the headpiece that is currently trending. What many of these forget to check is if it will suit her and the gown she’s wearing. You need to remember that your choice of headpiece should always be proportion to your size. Do not pick a headpiece that will make you look fatter or skinnier. Some pieces will also make you much shorter than you already are. If you are a short bride, make sure to avoid wearing a picture hat that is too large. As you pick out your headpiece, always check how the headpiece looks on you. You could even ask yourself about which features are brought out by these pieces. Do not bother getting the pieces that highlight your dreadful features and go for the headpiece that brings out the best in you. Your final headpiece choice should come from the latter.

The length of your veil should be just right. When deciding on how long or short your veil will be, you need to think about your body’s shape and the style of your dress. If the veil ends at just the right length, you can be assured of being a step closer to being a gorgeous bride. But a veil that ends at the wrong length will be any bride’s worst nightmare as it will make you look awful. Again, avoid lengths that make you look too long or too short. It should also match your wedding dress’ style and the kind of ceremony your wedding has. There’s no point in having a very long veil if you are having a beach wedding after all, right?


Your headpiece should always match your gown. Most women want to have sparkly and detailed gowns. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, a detailed and sparkly gown is a great choice. But the problem happens when the bride also chooses a detailed headpiece or wedding veil to go with the gown. If you want to keep the attention on your detailed gown, opt for a simple headpiece. But if your dress lacks details, then you can always complement it with a detailed headpiece.

Before your wedding day, you should already have in mind the kind of hairstyle that you want. If you will be fixing your hair on your own on your wedding day, please ensure that you practice days before. This will give you time to practice securing your headpiece and veil to your hair so that it does not slip off during the ceremony. This will save you from the embarrassment of having a headpiece that won’t stay in place.

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