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Know more on Institutions focusing on Permanent and Semi-permanent Makeup

Institutions focusing on Permanent Makeup are booming nowadays and are promoting concrete education for aspiring makeup artists, and beauty experts worldwide. Indeed, the beauty industry is promoting concrete services for women who want their faces to be improved, and healthy with the use of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics. Some schools and institutions are popular in Cardiff, and Britain and offers short courses and training focused on this respective field. If you wanted to study and major in Permanent Makeup, some training schools offer wide courses about it which in the future can be used if you are planning to build a permanent makeup clinic someday.

Some Schools focusing on the Field

Some schools and training centers offer short course and training study about Permanent make-up. Schools like the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, enables students to engage in hands-on performances focused on hair stimulation on eyebrows for men and women, beauty marks, and lip lining. The owner of the online website such as is one accredited beauty expert and finished her education on one permanent makeup school as well. Some offers these courses online and will send out your certificate after you complete their permanent makeup course. One example is the Elite Permanent Makeup and Training Center. For Semi Permanent makeup experience and education, the British School of Dermagraphic Art exists and if people are interested in creating a business on semi permanent makeup application, this is the institution for you.

Brief Explanation on Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics is popular in the late 1980s. It is foresee as advance forn of cosmetic tattooing in which color pigments are selected and strategically inserted into the uppermost layer of the skin to emulate and replicate daily cosmetic makeup.

Depending on the choice and compatibility of the color pigments to the customer’s skin, permanent cosmetics defines your eyebrows, lips, and eyes after application. In the hands of expert people on this field, this application is considered safe and reliable and accredited to the Food Drug and Cosmetic federal institution.

Semi Permanent Cosmetics

Services offered by are not only limited to permanent cosmetics but to semi permanent makeup cosmetics as well. Their website has concrete and detailed explanations one must read and fully understand if you are planning to enter this industry.

Semi Permanent cosmetics enable the user to disguise skin scars from vehicular accidents, medical surgical procedures, and skin illnesses. Considered more quicker and saves less time, semi permanent cosmetics’ life span is up to nine to eighteen months time and after this, you have to reapply it and consult with a semi permanent makeup artist again.


Semi permanent makeup artists of are accredited by viable and reliable make up institutions and offers best consultations and services to people who are willing to try on semi permanent make up. With the knowledge and expertise of the assigned field, semi permanent makeup artists are present to guide you and operate on you the desired make up of your choice.