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Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Fashion |

Paper, Paper where did you come from?

Paper, Paper where did you come from?

Writers use paper to write, the artist uses paper to draw and singer uses paper to compose a song. But are you not wondering where the paper did come from and when it becomes so important? How did paper been created? Our ancestor in a very long time ago, the paper doesn’t exist they only use stone or leaves for their penmanship. They carve in the wood to make trace or symbol for mapping purposes. Might be these are the reason why paper exists because it is a material for a penmanship which is easy to bring and it’s not hard to write.

The word “Paper” is the Ancient Greek word “Papyrus” and it took from the plant called the Cyperus papyrus. Papyrus has a form like a paper and thicks like a normal paper that made from the soft tissue of Cyperus papyrus. And it was used first by the ancient Egypt and Mediterranean cultures for the writing. But because it was made from the plant, it easy to dried and wave.

The paper history was remarkable in China before they record their writing and drawings through cloth sheets. That’s the way they communicate through symbols and pictures crafted on bones, clay tablets, stone and cave walls. The kind of paper that use by the people nowadays was made from Lei-Yang China and it was created by a Chinese court official, Ts’ai Lun. The ingredients he used to make a paper: rags with water, hemp and mixed to mulberry bark; mash into pulp, pressing out the liquid, dry under the sun.

China was the first to make a process for making a paper and it was been learned to the other country just like in the Muslim country particularly in Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq. In the 8th century, they learned the Chinese process of making a paper when they captured a Chinese papermaker. The secret of papermaking was been revealed next to Europe when the Muslim country invaded by a Europe country. And then it was the beginning of the paper mill existence.  It was built in Spain the first paper mill and nowadays there are a lot of paper mills across Europe and the same time paper was already used for printing kinds of books, legal documents, and bibles.


During the late 15th century, England became the largest supplies of paper and supplied during colonies years. The US took the move in 1690 they built a paper mill in Pennsylvania and they followed the process of the papermaking in China but later on, the US was the first used the fibers as the important ingredients in papermaking. It was taken out from trees and less expensive than wood; it’s more plentiful than cloth. Now in the present day in taking a fiber, it comes from the tree that is grown within a working process.

But the uses of the paper are not limited only for writing and recording purposes. The paper could use for furniture and bags.  The paper bag is one of the most used things nowadays and it has different size, shape, and style. Around the world, there are a lot of paper bags for sale.