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Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Summer Days, Winter Nights: Packing For Holiday Tips!

Summer Days, Winter Nights: Packing For Holiday Tips!

Everyone I know loves a good holiday whether that’s staying within the UK or going further afield abroad. There are so many variations and choices when it comes to going away and you can choose to go somewhere hot or somewhere cold. There’s no limit to holidays in the world that we live in now and holiday destinations are on the up. The most exciting part – other than actually booking the holiday of course! – is packing. Buying new clothes and packing them into cases you know will either be flying thousands of miles away or even just driving those to the nearest UK based resort.

Clothes shopping and packing for holidays is always going to be difficult until you’ve decided where you’re going and for how long. If you’re into camping, you obviously won’t be buying up bikinis or espadrilles but you will be looking at wellies and warm clothing. For those going skiing or taking a break in colder climates, clothes that are warm are an obvious choice but still pack a few t-shirts. Skiing and snowboarding is hard work and gets you hot and bothered extremely quickly and if you’re wrapped in the thickest woollen jumpers then that makes it worse!

Most people plan holidays around events if it’s possible and most weddings are held in warm weather and if you’re lucky to be invited to a wedding that lasts a weekend in a country estate, then you’re not just dressing for the event but for the weather too. Having a look at you’ll be able to see a range of men’s casual but smart and appropriate shirts that are right for a summer get together in a classy setting. Wedding attire is also catered for with Birtchnells and the clothing is geared exclusively for men for both casual and formal occasions. Looking for clothing that reflect the occasion so making sure you buy a shirt and tie combo for meals out in the evenings is key.

If you’re looking for a great range of knitwear for a holiday somewhere snowy and frosty you got to look at the quality of the clothing you’re buying. Yes, you may pay more for quality but in the long run it will last longer. The knitwear and trousers available on are warm, cotton and last longer than the average so paying that little bit more before you take a holiday is never going to be a bad thing. Holidays don’t last forever so to spend more on the clothes for going away it’ll be an investment for later as you would still be using those clothes after a holiday.

Don’t forget, when you’re packing to make sure you pack a couple of carrier bags so you can use them for laundry. Also make sure that you weigh your bags so even if you’ve packed all your new skiwear or your summer dresses you’re not over the limit and paying over the odds.