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Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Cheap As Chips Decorating Tips

Choosing to decorate your home means that you are taking a step to freshen the place you may spend most of your time. Whether you are doing up a room for nursery purposes or changing around the living room, decorating can be really exciting! If you can’t afford wallpaper, which let’s be real here can be expensive if you have high ceilings and large walls. You can use everyday items to brighten up bare walls like heirloom quilts turned into a tapestry or decorative plates. You can use wall stickers and decals to update the brightness of the walls and add classy images and quotes.

There are a lot of ways to decorate your home including hiring decorating companies and interior designers but if you are on a little bit of a budget and have to be careful with the pennies then making sure you find decorating tips online that don’t cost the earth is the way to go.


You can use accent lighting to highlight décor and interiors in the home and directional lighting can add a lot of drama to a once boring hallway or foyer. Installing accent lighting to shine on artwork adds a touch of drama to the picture and gives a visual interest and attention to the home. Companies like can assist with painting swatches and ideas for wallpaper as well as provide that service. Sometimes that can be a little bit over budget and this can be difficult for sticking to a shoestring.

Windows can get an added decorative touch with wall treatments and they can be inexpensive ones. You can do these with a sewing machine and home making kits and every day materials such as sheets, linen and man-made fibres which resemble expensive skills. No one will need to know you cut corners unless of course the fact that you saved a ton of money would be something to brag about, which we all know it is. Accessorising your bathrooms with affordable décor and perhaps considering changing the theme of your bathroom with paint and adding new colours to your accessories can be really affordable. Shops like Wilko and Poundworld have some lovely vinyl tiles that you can use to replace the ones on the current flooring. Searching online classifieds or newspapers for cheap finds are as good as looking through car boot sales for items to upcycle. Do your homework when you’re shopping and you will be able to look for accessories to match the paint ideas and swatches given by companies like

If you can, update the plumbing fixtures in the home. You can upcycle a lot of furniture by sanding down and varnishing, which doesn’t cost the earth either. Door handles can be bought for little money. For any upgrades, do anything you can yourself and online tutorials, YouTube and DIY programmes on the television can all help you to do things for yourself.