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Posted by on Dec 3, 2016 in Fashion |

Tips for the maintenance work of an interior landscape

To provide a good indoor environment for your office building, you should be able to find a high-qualityInterior Landscaping companies in London such ashttp://www.urban-greens.comif you wanted to incorporate your designs into reality. There are three main components that you are required to go through for a successful project—the designing and planning, installation, and lastly, the maintenance work. Designing and installation don’t consume a lot of time, and it can be done in such a short period but when it comes to maintenance work, then you have to look for a contractor who has the capability of maintaining the beauty of your plants and the design as well. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

Choose a qualified contractor

Before you start the designing and installation process, it is important that you have already found your contractor to do the maintenance work. Since it is a long-term service, you have to create a contract that includes all the important information of your agreement as well as the services that he includes in the maintenance work. Make sure that you double check the competing maintenance agreements to make sure that you have the right contractor by your side to work with you.


Verify the services that he is going to offer

There are lots of tasks that are required when it comes to maintenance work. Therefore, it is important that you can verify the services that e is going to offer to provide long-term protection for your investment in your interior landscape. You can determine a good contractor if he is more than willing to offer the following services: watering the plants, pruning, grooming the plants, fertilizing as well, dressing the soils, controlling the pests and diseases that might ruin your plants, moving and relocating the plants if necessary, analysing the condition of the soil and the water, managing the plant inventory, creating a communication log, washing the containers used and other materials and there are after hours that includes spraying and other tasks in order to keep the plants healthy and vibrant.

If they offer the services above, it’s a great indication that he is a good contractor. However, make sure that there are no additional charges, and the prices that you’ve both agreed to are already fixed.

Secure a warranty

Since you will be dealing with a lot of contracts, it is important that you secure the warranty of the plant material as well as the maintenance services as well. The said warranty should include replacement of the damaged plants or any extra charge on the delivery. To avoid confusions, it is highly recommended that you secure a warranty before you let them start their work.

Ask for training they’ve attended

It is also important that your contractor is qualified enough to handle the maintenance work of your interior landscape. With that being said, the contractor should finish different programs such as Pest Management Control to offer an even better service.