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Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Don’t Get Bag Scammed Online

It’s not surprise that many women go online in search of discount designer goods, hoping to snag a bargain and get a Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga bag for a much lower price. The unfortunate truth is that whilst it is possible to get discounts on luxury goods, many of the bags found online are cheap fakes. Although many of us covet the designer handbags that celebrities and royals tote around from websites like, the average woman can’t afford the hefty price tag that comes with the luxury bags. The average Chanel handbag, for example, will set you back anywhere from $4,500 to $8,000- far above the means of those except the super wealthy. Always inspect the bag in person, as on a fake designer handbag, there will normally be a slight variation to the look of the logo so the counterfeiters can claim they haven’t copied the logo but that it is a different logo altogether. Look on a reputable website like instead of a dodgy one!

Why you shouldn’t buy a fake bag:

  • Counterfeit bags are often much lower in quality and break easily
  • They are commonly made in factories that exploit child labor laws
  • Money from fake items often goes straight to criminal organisations
  • Interpol has confirmed that funds from counterfeit bags also end up with terrorist organisations
  • Fake bags and accessories can have damaging chemicals and products used on them that are not safe and legal

Whilst there are many overseas sites that seem to be selling very cheap designer bags, you’re more likely to purchase a fake from sites from countries like China, Brazil and India where many counterfeit goods are produced. If you buy from an Australian site you also have greater protections for getting your money back if your bag does turn out to be fake. Check out the hardware and lining. Another major giveaway of a counterfeit bag is the differences in hardware and lining. Have a look at the zip, any buckles and the rivets under the bag – if they have already lost their shine, it’s probably a fake. Make sure you know what the lining should look like on the real deal. A lot of brands use fabric with their logo monogrammed, while a lot of counterfeiters don’t make the effort because to them it’s mainly the outside of the bag that matters.

Take your time when you are shopping either online or in a store, don’t be rushed into making a purchase. Ensure you’re confident the bag is real before you buy and don’t impulse shop. If you’re buying from an online store you can always contact the banks and credit card companies, the site accepts and check with them if there’s been any reports of fraud to them.  If you’re shopping online, go back a week or two later to see if the website is still up. If it was supplying fraudulent goods, it will most likely be tracked down and closed. Also, try contacting customer service and see if you get a response, and research online reviews.