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Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Beauty |

Your Short Guide to Spa Treatments

Your Short Guide to Spa Treatments

One of the best things you can do for your body is to treat it well. Taking care of you is something that falls to the bottom of almost every list in everyone’s life. You of course keep up with basic hygiene: showering, teeth brushing, hair washing etc, but you rarely put a massage or a facial on that list of things you do for yourself. Across the country there are spas around for relaxation, rejuvenation and recharging and they are there for us whenever we need them. From massage to nail treatments to body waxing, there are always treatments available that can make you feel fantastic.

The newest trend, however, is cosmetic surgery smashing in with spas to create medical spas with non-invasive and non-surgical procedures. Thankfully with the birth of the internet, Google can bring up many options including that offer treatments such as coolsculpting, ultherapy and liposuction with Smart Lipo alongside laser hair removal therapies. These spas tend to have a more comprehensive menu of treatments compared to your everyday leisure spas. Going to a spa is the ultimate treat especially if you’re a woman. Taking a group of friends on a hen night or a birthday party or even as part of preparation for a wedding, a spa is a luxury adventure. Choosing the treatments is like ordering from a menu at a restaurant – the best bit! You know when you order something totally new to try and the anticipation and expectation is high? That’s what it’s like to choose at a spa. You’re picking a treatment that’s totally new for you and it is so much fun!

Many of these medical spas offer treatments under the care of a board certified plastic surgeon and this means that you can be assured your care is at the forefront of their minds. You can even opt for velashaping which is technically a cellulite treatment but involves a massage and offers this treatment. Knowing you’ve gone for a treatment that invigorates and is reparative as it is refreshing can really help the soul as well as the skin and muscles of the body. You want to be able to come away from a spa day feeling like you’ve gained composure, feeling beautiful and generally feeling relaxed. Spas like offer a range of body treatments that are there as non-invasive surgical options and this includes botox, laser hair removal and laser vein treatments.

The spa experience doesn’t vary however as you go in knowing you’re going to be well looked after by the staff available. Safe and effective treatments are there to assist you in achieving the body of your dreams and that is exactly what is on offer when you go to Newport Med Spa. It may not be a day spa to have nails buffed, legs waxed and head Indian massaged but it is a place to go to be kind to your body where otherwise you wouldn’t be. Making yourself feel that good can only be a good thing so why not book today?

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Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Beauty |

Eyeliner, Eyebrow and Lip Care Before and After a Semi Permanent Makeup Session

To properly perform the procedure, it is very important to know the pre and post procedure preparation for you to know what to expect and what the do’s and don’ts are to be able to achieve the right result. The eye liner, eyebrow and the lips are the most common areas that are being enhanced through a Semi Permanent Makeup. In this case, we have to learn about the basics of the before and after procedure preparation for you to take note.


Wearing of contact lens is a big no, no. It can cause irritation and itchiness to your eyes which will make you feel uncomfortable during the procedure. This may alter the result because of frequent movement which makes the staff loss of focus. Once you are done with the procedure, it is still a big no, no to put on the contact lenses. You can wear it back after 24 to 48 hours just to give more room for the tattooed area to rest and free from materials that could cause irritation, itchiness and infections.

It is ideal to bring with you sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun exposure when you are on your way home. It is a natural reaction that we are photosensitive every time our eyes have gone series of exposures most especially when introduces with chemicals that are irritant to it. So, for your protection and safety, make sure to bring sun glasses no matter what.

Curling and perming of lashes should be avoided for the meantime. This is to prevent the eyes from over exposure to agents that can be an irritant and can introduce infection to the site.

Recent eye surgeries should be consulted with the physician prior the scheduling of the permanent eye liner session. It is the physician who is going to decide if you will be cleared from your medical conditions or should you need to wait for a couple of weeks to months before you will be cleared and undergo the said procedure. If you wish to learn from the staff itself, you can talk to them by visiting


The preparation for the eyebrow procedure is very easy. All you have to do is undergo electrolysis for a couple of weeks and avoid dying, tweezing or waxing of your brows for 2 to 3 days before the procedure. These are very essential for you to protect your eyebrows from being exposed to infection and irritations. This may sound a bit plain and simple but it is always ideal to hear and learn from experts. Go and log on to and learn more.


The lips are very a essential aspect of our face. That is why before you jump to the decision of undergoing lip Semi Permanent Makeup, make sure that you consult your physician first most especially if you have recently undergone an oral procedure or if you are using dentures and other prosthesis. This is to prevent the introduction of infection and bacteria.

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Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Beauty, Trends |

Who Can Benefit from Semi Permanent Makeup

Who Can Benefit from Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is getting more and more popular these days. After all, it is an extremely beneficial way of applying makeup on the face. Even traditional makeup artists from popular agencies such as will recommend the said technique. Of course, the recommendation will be given after careful consideration of the client’s makeup needs.


33326The good thing about the said makeup is that it will allow an individual to have beautifully applied makeup, no matter the time and no matter where one goes. It is what allows people to have a youthful looking face. If ever you want to go out in a hurry, you do not have to waste time in front of the mirror since you can go out anytime without worrying about makeup.


You should only get the semi permanent makeup from trustworthy agencies such as After all, only the trustworthy agencies can provide a good result. Moreover, you can avoid jeopardizing your looks just because you were being a cheapskate. Getting semi permanent makeup from unscrupulous makeup agencies may result to irreversible damages.


There are many people who can benefit from getting the said type of make up. For example, it is through the said makeup that people can enhance their natural beauty. It is an opportunity that they can gladly take if they have something on their face that they are insecure about it.


People who are tired of applying makeup everyday should also take advantage of this type of makeup, especially if it is about pencilling. Pencilling the brows each and every day can be a very tedious and time-consuming task. Even with how careful you are at it, you may never be able to create a perfect shape. If you do not want that tiresome routine anymore, then the semi permanent makeup is your best choice.


Permanent-Makeup-Aurora-COThe said type of makeup is not only meant to enhance beauty. It is also designed to help those chemotherapy and Alopecia patients. These patients may have lost some or all facial hair. If that is the case, then the semi permanent makeup can help them have a better look on their face, as if they do not have any ailments at all.


Allergies to makeup are common. There are people who are unable to wear everyday makeup simply because they are allergic to some major components in the makeup product. The best work around for this problem is to avail of a semi permanent makeup.


Professionals who are working in the field of modeling, acting, and entertainment can enjoy the benefits of semi permanent makeup too. Remember that the public’s eyes are always fixated on these personalities. If they are caught without makeup on or if a photograph of them not looking their best is taken, that might spell the end of their career.


Those people who have poor or no eyesight at all can also have this type of makeup. Instead of going through all the trouble of applying makeup despite them not being able to see well, the semi permanent makeup will do the trick. They do not have to worry about their makeup not properly applied then.

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Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Beauty, Trends |

How to Choose a Design for an Engagement Ring

How to Choose a Design for an Engagement Ring

engagement-ring-gif-tumblr-2If you truly want to commit the rest of your life to your partner, then you will have to show your intent by popping the question. Being the romantic person that you are, you should consider throwing a surprise event where you will be asking your partner to marry you. You can make the event memorable by surprising your partner with a date for two or you can ask your friends and family members to participate.

Of course, popping the question will not be complete without the engagement ring. You can choose an engagement ring that is already designed at the jewelry store or you can have one customized specifically for this particular event. It is up to you to decide how you will want the ring you will give to your partner.

tumblr_mdvghnbV571rnkug2Now if you want to get the engagement ring, you might have to prepare yourself for the hassle and mind-blowing experience you will have. Searching for an engagement ring can be very tedious, as what you can read in reviews posted in websites such as You will have to consider lots of factors to selecting the ring.

The most important factor that you will have to consider when making this purchase is the design. The ring should have a design that the partner will like. Here are the best tips to ensure that you get the ring with the right design.

wedding-rings-tumblr-wnvv5osfFirst of all, you have to choose what shape should the diamond stone be. You can choose to have a round cut diamond or a princess cut one as these are the commonly selected cuts for engagement rings. Other cuts to choose from would be the emerald, pear, oval, radiant, marquis, heart, cushion, or asscher cut.

The metal where the diamond stone will be mounted on should be selected as well. Yellow gold is the most popular since it is the traditional option to have. Other people want to choose between white gold or platinum though. Just remember that white gold will fade over time and will require replacement while platinum is more expensive than the other metal options.

104854-Diamond-RingThe setting is the next element to consider for the design of the ring. Setting, according to websites such as, is the way the diamond stone sits on the band. The most popular choice is the prong. For the other options that one can choose from, there is the cluster, invisible, channel, flush, bezel, tension, and bar.

You will have to choose whether you will pick a solitaire setting or a three-stone setting. The traditional setting most couples choose is solitaire where only a single diamond stone is mounted on the band. Some other settings will have little diamonds running all throughout the band. Just remember that the more diamonds there are on the ring, the more expensive it will be.

If possible, consider other alternative to the diamond stone. You can actually choose a sapphire, ruby, or emerald gemstone instead of a diamond. Just limit your choices to these three though. Do not choose any other gemstone as an alternative to diamond aside from these three.

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How to Get the Right Underwear That Matches You

How to Get the Right Underwear That Matches You

Picking the right underwear is always tough. There is the fact that the choices are way too many, so getting swamped is often a possibility. There are so many styles and designs and looks that once can choose from that it can get overwhelming sometimes. It does help a lot though when people get an idea of the pointers that they should consider when they decide to make the purchase, so they are sure that they are going for the right

Though there are a lot of people that would prefer buying the items that they want from because it is easy and convenient. Seeing these pieces in real life would still be considerably better. After all, this allows one to inspect the pieces closer and face to face. It makes it easier for them to determine what it is that they have to do in order for them to secure those that are not only going to feel good when worn, but those that will make them look good as well.

screen-shot-2010-10-19-at-9.30.40-amCheck at to get a better idea of the styles and cuts that these pieces are available in. Your preferences need to be taken into account along with the different cuts and shapes that will actually look good and feel good to you. You will find that it is not always easy to determine what style is going to work well for you. This is why it is best to try out various styles and designs in order for you to ascertain which ones would be most appropriate.

Different types icons of bras and pants- Illustration silhouetteWhen you try out different shapes and cuts, make sure that you check too if they cut, they punch, or they ride up. See if they are too tight in the opening and if they sag after they have been worn for a short time only. It is never a good idea to be swayed by hypes. Make sure that the cut is indeed going to be comfortable and that it should sit well on your body. The type of clothing that you will be wearing these undergarments with should be considered too when you decide which pieces to buy.

c9e5f825496fba4e506bc1fd47b35dc9If you happen to wear tops that are sheer or ones that are knitted, it is best to stay away from bras that are bold in color or ones that have seams. Familiarize yourself with the different types of bra cuts too.  There are a lot of makers these days that have bras that can be worn in different styles and cuts. This is something that you should consider looking into as this might make it easier for you to use these versatile pieces in different instances and wear them with different types of clothes as well.

Get to know the different styles and designs of underpants too. These include thongs, G-strings, bikinis, string bikinis, boxer shorts that are loose or tight boy shorts, briefs, French cuts, boy leg briefs, high cut, control briefs, and tap pants among others. Each of these designs will have their own benefits and disadvantages. As a buyer, it would be up to you to try out which ones are going to work well for you.

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