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Posted by on Aug 8, 2016 in wedding Plan |

Five Best Wedding Dress Materials

Five Best Wedding Dress Materials

So many brides want to become a princess on their most special day.  You don’t want to be in just a white dress, you want to be in a wedding dress. You need to have the right cut of the dress with the right color and material. Check out Here are some of the best materials you need to consider on having your wedding dress.

  1. Tulle

Tulle is a thin, soft, fine net-like material.  It is widely used on veils and dresses. This sheer material in a wedding dress can add glam to it. Tulle adds body to the skirt of the dress.  It can create a long terrain on your wedding dress.  The veil is almost always made of Tulle.  Did you know that Princess Diana’s dress was so light just weighing 2 pounds? Tulle had added body to the dress without making it too heavy for Princess Diana to walk in it.

Wedding dress in house readdy for the big d day

  1. Lace

A lace adds intricate details to a dress.  It makes a dress more vintage.  A classic bride comes in with a wedding dress covered in lace.  The veil and dress look elegant with laces on it. Brides who want to look sexy on their wedding day like to have a dress to be made of lace.  Laces that have higher quality are made by hand.  You will expect them to be more expensive.  Elegance sometimes comes with a price.

  1. Feathers

You don’t just put feathers in pillows.  You can now find them on dresses too.  Be careful with this material if you or your groom to be allergic to it.  If you have asthma, better do away from feathers.  Feathers will look and feel nice on your dress.  Feathers are too smooth and white.  It could be too comfortable that you want to sleep on your wedding dress.  The terrain consist of feathers is so adorable to look at.  Feathers will just follow your contour and every sway of your body while walking on the aisle.

  1. Silk

The material that is soft and shiny.  The softness follows the figure of your body. White silk is sought for on wedding dresses. Princess Diana’s wedding dress’ outer material is made of silk.  Billions of people watched her wedding on TV.  You can use it to inspire the design of your wedding dress.  If you are planning to have your wedding to be recorded on video, better opt for silk.  It will look better on video as compared to other materials.

  1. Beads

The dress will look more wonderful with beadings on it.  The beading design on your dress will catch anyone’s attention.  Too much beading though might actually add weight to your dress.  A beautiful beading makes your wedding dress the envy of other women.

The above materials can be used on your wedding dress.  You want to be in a wedding dress unlike any other. You just need to have your ideal dress in mind before you head to the wedding dress shop


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